A conservatory is a great way of adding space to your home at minimal cost.

It also allows you to continue to enjoy your garden long after the rains have come and the air has turned cold. A conservatory made of UPVC is a particularly cost effective way of ensuring your house benefits from additional space. A place to enjoy the outside whilst staying warm and toasty inside. UPVC is a material extremely durable by nature.

Traditionally conservatories were made from wood, but the advent of UPVC which is longer lasting and much cheaper means that the majority are now made from this. UPVC stands for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride.

Being “unplasticised” means there are no softening agents or “plasticisers” within the material making it ideal for large structures such as conservatories. Being able to manufacture conservatories from the material UPVC means that a much greater number of people have access to what was previously a very costly and luxurious item.

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Choose a UPVC ConservatoryIt is still possible to purchase wooden framed conservatories, but there are a number of disadvantages for doing so. For a start, UPVC structures are very low maintenance. There is no varnishing, painting, sanding or any other DIY to be carried out. Once the structure is up, you can simply sit back and enjoy. UPVC is also a very simple material to clean.

The occasional wipe with a damp cloth and a drop of washing up liquid is all that is required to keep it looking in excellent shape and remove any grime. Wooden frames are liable to fade in the sun too. Weather badly effects wood which needs constant attention, varnishing and caring for. Dirt, although perhaps more easily hidden is much harder to remove. UPVC frames are extremely durable and will last for decades.

They will not rot like wood can which as well as looking unsightly, can even pose a security risk.

UPVC conservatories are accompanied with excellent security measures.

Why Choose a UPVC Conservatory?Many come equipped with advanced locking systems that provide total peace of mind. Additionally, there are internal reinforcements included in the designs that provide extra strength and impact resistance for added rigidity and overall security. Although UPVC is a plastic material, it is non-toxic and fully recyclable.

Conservatories made from this material are extremely energy efficient too as heat is retained easily during the winter and kept out during the summer through the incorporation of special insulation. This lowers heating bills in winter and prevents the room needing fans or air conditioning in summer. It also provides another reason, as a conservatory made from UPVC acts as a friend rather than foe to the environment.

They are extremely easy to assemble too making the installation a simple process. More often than not they can be assembled on site. With a variety of wood effect finishes available, it is even possible to have all the benefits of UPVC whilst still retaining a traditional feel. The untrained eye would not be able to tell the windows, doors or conservatory were made from anything other than timber.

With a host of different styles available, any type or size of home can benefit from a upvc conservatory. It comes as no surprise that they are extremely popular all over the UK in particular where summers can be short.

Often it is unnecessary to obtain planning permission before assembling a conservatory

and the low cost makes them an affordable way to extend the house with the minimum of difficulty. UPVC is a very strong and hard wearing material that weathers extremely well. This makes it an ideal material for structures such as a lean to conservatory or sliding patio doors that are subjected to harsh weather every day.

With wood effect finishes and different colours available, all styles and tastes can be accommodated. See more at https://www.localconservatoryprices.co.uk/

Why Choose a UPVC Conservatory?