Bifold Patio Doors – a new outlook on your garden

For many years the most popular design was a sliding version. Lately, Bifold patio doors have gained a major foothold in the market due to their super wide opening and panoramic views.

The biggest drawback with swinging and sliding patio doors is that they take up space. Swinging doors (like French Doors) need clearance so that they don’t knock anything over when they open or close. Sliding doors remain within the frame and therefore reduce the clearance available.

With a set of bifold patio doors, you have neither of these problems or drawbacks. The door panels fold to the side in a concertina fashion stacking neatly either to the inside or the outside,

This method of opening allows for an unprecedented clearway of almost 100% – giving a lovely panoramic, uninterrupted view of your garden. What could be nicer?

Function & Security

What are Bifold Patio Doors?Bifold patio doors use rollers at the top or bottom of the door panels to allow for super easy movement.  Meaning it take little effort to operate them.

Finger guards can be fitted where the doors are joined together in order to prevent injury when opening and closing. Multi-point locks are set around the frames and the doors have 3 or 4 hinges each to make them sturdy.

Tempered safety glass will be fitted a standard, so that personal injury is a remote chance from a breakage of the glass.

Frames Material

You can find bifold patio doors in either timber (engineered or hardwood or veneered), Aluminium and UPVC. Each having its’own set of features or unique benefit. Colour choice is excellent and you can go for wood grain surfaces in Aluminium or UPVC.

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What are Bifold Patio Doors?