Why use new UPVC Windows to replace your old ones?

If your old windows are timber, then you will gain a lot from using UPVC windows to replace them. Even if you already have UPVC fitted but they are now in need of replacing, modern units will likely outperform them by a large margin.

Replacement UPVC WindowsComparing timber windows to UPVC windows is pretty straight forward.

  • UPVC out lasts softwood by many years.
  • Timber requires a much larger effort to maintain than UPVC – just the painting alone is a real pain!
  • Wood rots, UPVC does not. It’s also practically impervious to air pollutants.
  • Insects cannot attack Vinyl – no wood lice or wood worm.
  • Energy efficiency is higher than timber inmost cases – even though wood is a natural insulator.

Modern units made from Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVCu) have had a lot of engineering improvements. The colours last longer, the white stays whiter. Frame profiles have improved chambering for added energy efficiency. Glazing has also advance with Low emmisivity coatings or even self-cleaning surfaces.

Window design styles

You can get UPVC windows in the following designs:

  1. casement
  2. vertical sliding sash
  3. horizontal sliding sash
  4. bifold windows
  5. tilt & turn casement
  6. tilt & turn sash
  7. bespoke designs

You can also expect to be able to choose from up to 20 different colours, plus there are wood-grain effect surface finishes that can utilised.

All in all, modern UPVC windows offer exactly what most homeowners are probably looking for when they need replacements.

That is to say they offer good value for money, varied design options, great levels of energy efficiency backed up by ever improving levels of security.

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The benefits of Replacement UPVC Windows